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Owners vow more security after multiple fights break out at South County pizza restaurant

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Incredible Pizza Company

Incredible Pizza Company in South County

SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( - Located in South County, Incredible Pizza touts itself as the “number one family entertainment center,” but customers say it was anything but family-friendly when multiple fights broke out Saturday night.

“My little brother is saying this is the worst birthday he’s ever had,” said Jasmine Tyes, who celebrated her brother’s 9th birthday at Incredible Pizza on Saturday.

Police say around 7:30, they got calls for a disturbance, and customers like Tyes say multiple fights broke out. But she says the scariest part was the threat of something worse.

“Then you hear people saying, ‘This person has a gun or a weapon, they’re going to come into the building,” she recalls.

She says the fights were mostly teenagers, but some adults as well. St. Louis County Police arrived and helped break up the fight. They say no arrests were made and no injuries were reported.

But this isn’t the first incident. St. Louis County Police say they also responded to reports of a large fight on January 29. There was a fight of about 50 teenagers and someone in the fight used pepper spray, injuring two people. Back in 2020, customers maced an employee after they were asked to leave for refusing to wear masks.

“It sounds like this is a repeat behavior and nothing has been done to address it,” said Tyes.

News 4 reached out to the corporate office for Incredible Pizza. Don Potvin, the executive vice president for corporate operations says they are taking these incidents seriously and bringing in additional security starting next weekend.

“Customer’s safety is our number one priority,” said Potvin.

He says refunds were given to customers Saturday night when they closed early.

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