ST. LOUIS ( – St. Louis police are asking for help finding a man after two armed suspects broke into a North City home, leaving a woman who's disabled and immobile helpless.

Alfred Allen Mugshot

Monday, police asked for the public's help in finding 31-year-old Alfred Allen in connection to the home invasion. Police said he is considered "armed and dangerous."

The North City homeowner is protecting her identity by not going on camera and remaining anonymous. "He put the gun to my head, and he said 'I'll shoot you'. So, that's when I knew it was real," the homeowner said. 

Surveillance footage showed two men entering her home on Amelia on Feb. 18. The homeowner and her caregiver were held at gunpoint by the suspects.

"When I looked at the video, he just came straight to my room as if he lived here. It was just a big violation," she said. 

Two men in black hoods broke into a home in Walnut Park East Neighborhood.

In the video, the first suspect walked right into the home and then the back bedroom, where the homeowner was. Her caregiver was in the living room. That's where the second suspect stays holding his weapon in her direction. The homeowner said the suspects were demanding a gun, something she said she doesn't own. 

"It was like a bad dream. After everything was over, she was like 'they let themselves in.' So, I was like 'what?' That's when I started thinking, only four people could have gave them my code, and it was a neighbor that helps me. He had just helped me the day before," she said. 

The victim said she believes this was a planned attack. She said she thinks her neighbor, who sometimes helped with her caregiving as well, gave the two suspects the door code to get in. It's someone who's worked for her for more than six months. 

Two men in black hoods broke into a home in Walnut Park East Neighborhood.

"It's sad that someone I've helped, I've fed, given money, would do something like that. It just shows the type of world we're living in. You just can't trust anybody. It's sad people would take advantage of someone in a wheelchair," the homeowner said. 

The homeowner said she didn't recognize either suspect. Detectives are working to on leads to find the two men. Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or CrimeStoppers.

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